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Sunday, July 31, 2016

I don't think there's much I can say about Nashville that probably hasn't been written about already. Nashville is probably one of the most written about cities, so I'll keep my post short and sweet! Dominik and I went there for a weekend, Friday through Sunday, which was more than enough time to explore the city limits. If you love country music, this is the place for you. There's bars upon bars of live country acts, singers playing their tunes out in the streets, and karaoke for everyone else wanting a slice of the spotlight. The farthest out we ventured was slightly up a hill up to the hipster cafe, Crema, which has some insanely good food and coffee drinks. 

We spent the weekend walking around exploring, eating, and drinking. We realized the good folks of Nashville love their Pedal Tavern bike rides around the city. I've seen one of those bike thingies, (what are they called anyway?), in Royal Oak and one in Detroit before, but certainly not to the extent like in Nashville, where there's dozens of them riding around the city. I also finally learned how to master the bull ride, which dang, I didn't realize how much of a workout staying on that thing is! 

We probably won't be returning to Nashville anytime soon, since there's so many other cities to see on our list, but overall, our weekend in Nashville was a good time, and we would recommend this city to any big country fan. Thanks for the good times Nashville! 
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