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Hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy 
I am a half-Bosnian, half-Serbian immigrant who loves travel, food, and fashion (most people who see me on a daily basis would be surprised by the fashion one, hehe). When I was a young girl in Bosnia, there was this old man who'd sing a poem to me- "Nada cokolada..." he'd start, meaning Nada chocolate, although that actually rhymes in my language. I haven't forgotten how he'd sing this to me, and that's how I decided on the name of my blog. I have big dreams for my future that include lots of travels and food on the way. I hope my blog reaches all those who share my passion for travel, food, and fashion!


I Showed Up In Boots said...

Love reading about your travels!

nadaschokolada said...

Thank you so much! :) that makes me incredibly happy to hear :)

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