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Martha's Vineyard

Saturday, November 12, 2016

After visiting Cape Cod and Nantucket, we had to make it a trifecta and top it off this year with Martha's Vineyard. We had thought about going the July 4th weekend, but decided that a holiday weekend would probably be overpriced and overpacked, so instead visited the June 10th weekend. We flew out on a Thursday evening to Boston, drove down to Sandwich and spent the night there, and the following morning took the ferry over to Martha's. 

As soon as we landed, we dropped off our luggage and went back into town to eat. We stayed at the The Island Inn in Oak Bluffs, and had a pleasant stay. We called the bike rental company immediately to get our bikes. The bike rental company,  Andersons Bike Rentals, have wonderful service and not only did a complimentary delivery to our hotel, but also for check-out, we just locked the bikes up near the hotel office, and they picked it up. Our first, and best, meal was at Martha's Vineyard Chowder Co., who literally do have the most delicious lobster roll and chowder on the island. We tried lobster rolls and chowder at other restaurants, and Dominik and I both concluded that the Chowder Co. was hands down the best. The remainder of the day Friday we primarily spent the day riding our bikes around all the different towns and exploring them. We rode our bikes to Edgartown and Tisbury, two little towns on the opposite ends of Oak Bluffs, so 
we did a lot of biking! 

Saturday we really wanted to visit Aquinnah Cliffs, but since it would have been a several hour bike ride, we decided that a Jeep rental would probably work better. I loved Aquinnah Cliffs- the beach was beautiful, the views of the jagged cliffs were beautiful, from above and below, and hardly any people were there, which is always a bonus! 

 After visiting Aquinnah, we then drove to Edgartown, and took a quick ferry over to Chappaquiddick Island, which has a very interesting history involving the Kennedy's. There's actually not that much to do around the island, there are no restaurants, no shops, and I think there's maybe one small store. We explored the beautiful Mytoi Japanese Garden on the island and walked around one beach. I would highly recommend taking the minute, literally a minute, ferry over to at least see the peaceful garden. 

Sunday was our last day there so we just explored a bit more with our bikes and it was sadly time to leave. Martha's Vineyard was great for a weekend getaway, and we had a really awesome stay there, soaking up every minute we could of the great outdoors. Now that we have finished with our Massachusetts islands, we have other east coast locations in mind. We were thinking somewhere in Maine, South Carolina, and a weekend in the Hamptons. Do you guys have any suggestions for where to travel on the East Coast? Let me know! 


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Itching for a taste of Europe in North America? Cross the Canadian border over to Quebec, Canada, and you'll find the cure for that itch, the city Montreal! A 9 hour drive from Detroit, Michigan, Montreal, Old Montreal particularly, exceeded my expectations. Dominik and I have been to France before, and Old Montreal felt just like France. The architecture, the food, and of course, everyone speaking French, made me feel like we were in Paris, France all over again. I literally couldn't stop saying, "This is just like France!" 

We stayed at the InterContinental Montreal, which was just perfect because it was a street or so down from Old Montreal. We primarily stuck around Old Montreal, exploring the small streets with their charming shops and restaurants. We had a few noteworthy meals in Old Montreal, for anyone looking for any recommendations of where to eat. If you're a fan of crepes, the crepes at Creperie Chez Suzette were delicious! Of course we had to have their Crepe Suzette, a crepe with orange sauce, Grand Marnier and Cognac. When I think of this crepe, my exact thought is along the lines of Homer Simpson going, "Mmmmmmm, crepe!". So, so good. One of the nights, we had a late night pizza at Bevo Bar and Pizzeria, and having eaten our fair share of pizzas over the years we've spent together, the caprese pizza we had at was spot on. For a filling charcuterie board meal at a very French-like restaurant, probably the the most French-like restaurant we ate at, Marche de La Villette, has a board for everyones tastes. Their boards are a meal in and of itself, so I wouldn't order too much more food until after you're done eating and still want more. Since we primarily ate within Old Montreal, I'm sure there are many more amazing places across Montreal. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to know for my future travels back! 

Besides eating and drinking, a lot, we also explored a little outside of Old Montreal. We walked throughout the modern parts of Montreal, went over to the Montreal University, and had some epic views of the city from Mount Royal. We went to Mount Royal during the day, but now thinking back, the views at nighttime probably would have been even more beautiful with the whole city lit up. But, you just can't see and do it all, so it'll have to wait till next time! Overall, Montreal was a quick getaway, but well worth the drive. For the next Canadian getaway, we plan on going a little further, all the way to Newfoundland. Can't wait! 

Till next time Canada,eh!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

I don't think there's much I can say about Nashville that probably hasn't been written about already. Nashville is probably one of the most written about cities, so I'll keep my post short and sweet! Dominik and I went there for a weekend, Friday through Sunday, which was more than enough time to explore the city limits. If you love country music, this is the place for you. There's bars upon bars of live country acts, singers playing their tunes out in the streets, and karaoke for everyone else wanting a slice of the spotlight. The farthest out we ventured was slightly up a hill up to the hipster cafe, Crema, which has some insanely good food and coffee drinks. 

We spent the weekend walking around exploring, eating, and drinking. We realized the good folks of Nashville love their Pedal Tavern bike rides around the city. I've seen one of those bike thingies, (what are they called anyway?), in Royal Oak and one in Detroit before, but certainly not to the extent like in Nashville, where there's dozens of them riding around the city. I also finally learned how to master the bull ride, which dang, I didn't realize how much of a workout staying on that thing is! 

We probably won't be returning to Nashville anytime soon, since there's so many other cities to see on our list, but overall, our weekend in Nashville was a good time, and we would recommend this city to any big country fan. Thanks for the good times Nashville! 

Third Time's the Charm: Miami Edition

Sunday, June 26, 2016

After my third weekend trip to Miami, I can finally say I get Miami, a little bit that is. Weekend trips usually go by way too fast since you're running around trying to do as much as possible, that you don't really pick up the feel of the destination wholly. But after this trip, the third time's the charm. I could now comfortably get around South Beach without having to rely on GPS on my phone to get to every place, and, I get the Miami vibe. 

We chose our particular weekend because it was Miami Music Week 2016, and we wanted to see some of our favorite DJ's in a beach setting as opposed to the bitter winter. I actually didn't get to see one of my favorite deep house DJ's, Oliver Heldens, but all is well, since I'd already seen him 3 other times! But we did see Klingande at the Delano Hotel, and he killed it! We had planned the trip to be comprised of pool parties, clubs, pool parties, clubs, and some more pool parties and clubs, but after two days of pool parties and clubs, I was pool partied and clubbed out. I'm more of a stay at home person regularly, and my feet and back were killing me. 

Instead, we decided that we would spend our third full day at Universal Orlando. I was a bit skeptical about going because I thought that it would be too childish, but boy, oh boy, was it a blast!!! We knew we were going to spend most of our day exploring everything Harry Potter, and O.M.G, it was amazing!!! The amount of thought and work that went into building this magical land was outstanding. We got about 8 hours in the park, went on all the Harry Potter rides, and all the other major ones as well. We watched the Mardi Gras like parade near closing time, and that was a blast! We ended up leaving Universal around midnight, completely and utterly exhausted, but with wide grins on our faces. 

I don't know when my next trip to Miami will be, as I don't have any plans on returning anytime soon, but I feel pretty content with what I've seen of Miami after this third time around. I've hit up pretty much all the major Florida areas, Miami, Universal Orlando, and Key West a few years ago, so for the time being, I plan on putting my resources to other destinations. 

It was a grand ol' time, so till next time, Miami! 
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