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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nantucket, the perfect getaway from it all.  If you're looking for a quiet, and I mean really quiet, weekend, Nantucket is it. Despite going on Labor Day Weekend (September 2015), a busy holiday weekend, Nantucket was still almost a ghost-town, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible. If you like getting away from people, enjoying having plenty of time to yourself, it's perfect.

We actually flew into Boston and had a quick brunch there, and wandered the streets for a few minutes before we left for the port to Nantucket in Hyannis. 

The busiest part of Nantucket is of course downtown Nantucket, the town right off of the port. There's restaurants and shops all over. During the day it's buzzing with people, but as nighttime approaches, you only hear the chatter and music coming from restaurants, while the streets are almost completely empty.

We stayed at the Beachside at Nantucket, about a 10minute walk from town, and a 5 minute bike ride from Jetties Beach, which is home to the Jetties restaurant, where we devoured fresh oysters and champagne. On our last full day there, Sunday, we biked around almost the entire island. There are bike trails that surround probably most of the island. We biked for a few hours, till our legs just couldn't peddle anymore. I think it would have been perfect if we had had another full day on the island because we could have biked and seen a lot more of the island than we got to. We hung out at a few of the beaches, which you almost have all to yourself. 

The food was amazing, we had some sort of seafood at almost every meal. Pretty much all of our food experiences there were great. We had some appetizers at Cru, the deliciously warm lobster rolls at the Gray Lady, and a dinner one of the nights at Propietor, all restaurants I would recommend to check out while there.

Nantucket was just pretty much amazing all around. Great food, great beaches, great biking trails. I would love to go back for another extended weekend in the future. You can't go wrong here if you love quiet and nature. Next on the bucket list is Martha's Vineyard! Till next time!

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