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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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I'm sure by now you guys know about my love of the great outdoors. These were taken on an insanely beautiful fall day at Stony Creek Metropark, where we spend a lot of our summer weekends hiking, kayaking, and a few times paddleboarding. So far we've had a pretty awesome fall here in Michigan this year. It's been beautiful. I'm just going to try to soak up these last few moments of warm weather before the snow is supposed to hit us this weekend! Enjoy it everyone! 

Kylie Jenner Style Cold Water Diving

Picture #7. 

The first weekend of October was also the last weekend of the diving season in Tobermory, Canada. Tobermory has some awesome shipwreck diving, and we had gone during the summer and snorkeled there, as you can see from my previous post! But we wanted to go back there and do some diving also since there are a lot of great dives for beginners like us. 

We drove up to Tobermory Saturday morning, which takes about five hours from Detroit. We spent the rest of our time on Saturday hiking some trails at Bruce Peninsula Park, eating fish and chips, and drinking the local Tobermory brews. 

Sunday morning we got up early and went for another hike in the trails near our hotel before we were off to our dives. We actually weren't sure that we would be able to dive because Saturday we got a voicemail from the dive-shop that the lake was pretty tumultuous, making it likely that the dive may be cancelled. Thankfully, it wasn't! 

We got to the dive shop and started getting geared up. As you know, scuba diving is already an equipment extensive sport, but then add on to that the additional layers for cold water diving(this water was around 40-50degrees Fahrenheit, cold!!!) and you're just drowning in equipment! It's my least favorite part, all the equipment, and the fact that I always have to pee the second we start diving. 

We also had another diving buddy with us that day, an advanced open water diver, Doug, so I felt that much more comfortable diving after a year of not having done it. But while on the boat getting geared up, I shouted to Dominik to come and help me with putting on some of my equipment, and he left his tank standing upright, unattended. A big diving no-no. The tank fell as the boat was moving, but we checked it and thought nothing of it. 

Our first dive was at the W.L. Wetmore, the same shipwreck we had snorkeled at. About ten minutes into the dive, I'm floating around taking pictures, and I see Dominik waving to me. I start taking pictures of him, and I took several actually, not realizing that his tank is leaking air (please refer to picture number #7). He signals me to go up and we both ascend. Thankfully we were in no more than 30 feet of water so the ascent happened quickly. There was a tear on his regulator, which was likely the result of the tank falling on top of it. This was our first diving emergency we ever encountered, and luckily we were in shallow water and near our boat. We screamed at eachother trying to figure out what was going on until I finally turned off his air supply completely. Luckily Dominik has a lot of his own equipment, and we happened to have another air hose that we could replace the torn one with. We happily continued diving. 

The other shipwreck we dove was Sweepstakes, but by this time, I was starting to get chilled. We spent about 30 minutes diving here before we left, and I didn't get many good pictures here. I may share them at some point, but they just weren't that great so I didn't want to waste space. I also got some cool pictures of our diving buddy Doug at the Wetmore. Doug had never been photographed underwater during scuba diving, so I was happy to practice my underwater photography skills on him! I got his permission to share the pictures on my blog, and I think I got some great shots of him! 

Overall, it was another weekend well spent. We definitely plan on going back to do some more shipwreck diving.

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