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Bruce Peninsula National Park

Saturday, October 3, 2015

These are the beautiful views from Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario, Canada. We spent a weekend there this summer doing some hiking and shipwreck snorkeling. And we're going back, today! Except this time, we will be doing shipwreck diving! As an apprehensive diver, I like to check things out snorkeling the first time before we make our dives. The water was very clear and still the day we snorkeled, and I became much more comfortable with the environment. The only con was that the water was very chilly, we had to wear 14mm wetsuits, and I'm taking a wild guess here and saying it won't be any warmer this time around XD. But we're doing some dives around ~30 feet, my comfort level, so the thermocline shouldn't be too intense. I'll surely have some more pictures to share with you guys from that dive! And yes, we're the two dweebs who always wear our masks too tight and have lines on our faces for the next two hours, lol! Till next time! 

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