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Santorini Randoms

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hey guys! These are some of the pictures I took around Santorini that I love, but didn't include in my other posts for whatever reasons. They're pretty much from all around the island, I hope you guys like them! 

Greek Food

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tzatziki sauce, seafood, and beers. The food, and drinks, that every one of our meals in Greece consisted of. I became somewhat obsessed with tzatziki sauce. I had to have it at every meal. It's probably one of my all-time favorite dishes, ever. And it can't be done better than it is in Greece itself. Overall, the meals, and beers, Mythos and the Yellow Donkey stand out, we had in Greece were amazing. 

Well, except for two meals. The first night we arrived, Dominik ordered grilled squid at this restaurant in Imerovigli called Mezzo. It was literally like eating rubber. There was no taste to it, it was just rubber. It's the only seafood that I've ever tried and not liked. I read this article that says that squid is tricky to make because of its high water content, and when not cooked properly, it tastes like rubber, which was exactly what we experienced. I ordered seafood spaghetti and mine was somewhat better. Overall, Mezzo had decent appetizers and my main dish was okay, but I wouldn't recommend it as a place to visit for the food. The staff was nice and the views were amazing, but the food itself wasn't noteworthy. 

Our second non-amazing food experience we had was at Navy's (pictures 4 and 5) on Kamari Beach. The tzatziki sauce, calamari, and seafood spaghetti were good. We also ordered a tuna pizza, which I didn't include a picture of, and we think that that's the dish that was the culprit. Let's just say we were running to the bathroom afterwards lol. Once again the views and staff were amazing, the other food was good, I would just shy away from the tuna pizza. Maybe it was just that particular batch and their tuna pizza is usually amazing, who knows. 

A restaurant we both loved was Dimello's, which for the life of me I can't find a link for. I know for a fact that it's the correct name and spelling because I even have a picture of the sign on the building. Or maybe that was just the cafe next to the restaurant, in which case I suck. But if it is in fact Dimello, for the appetizers, we had the trilogy of fava beans, grilled eggplant, and tzatziki, and the pizzetes, soooooo delicious, and for the main dish I had the traditional moussaka while Dominik had the bass fillet. I think it was this restaurant that also gave us a free desert wine at the end, which we loved! I think that had been one of my favorite meals. If only I could get the name of the place right! 
We basically just picked restaurants at random and tried them out, and luckily, majority of them were great. Let me know if you guys have any other specific restaurant suggestions, whether good or bad! Well now I feel like having some tzatziki. I think I'll finally try to make it myself, I'll let you guys know if it turned out well! Till next time! 

About Oia: Part 3

For those seeking some magic in their lives, I recommend Oia, Santorini. Magical. The one word I'd use to describe Oia sunsets. Sunsets are beautiful all around the world, but in Oia, the sunset, combined with the ocean, the island backdrop, the white houses dangling off of cliffs, its just magical. I can't wait to visit more of the Greek islands and discover what magic they have in store! 

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