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About Oia: Part 1

Monday, July 20, 2015

Oia, Santorini. One of the most beautiful places in the world, no ands ifs or buts about it.  Almost as if you're living in a postcard. Every twist and turn is just as picturesque as the next, that it's almost too much to take in all at once and appreciate thoroughly. 

Oia is a good 20 minute or so drive from the hotel Dominik and I stayed at in Imerovigli, but the drive itself is an adventure. There's two main routes you can take, one route is up against the mountains, and the other down lower near the water. We would alternate routes and each time we would be in just as much awe of the scenery as we were the first time around. 

Dominik and I visited Oia almost every day, but mostly we'd make our way over before the sun set. Oia is the place to be for the best sunset views. Crowds gather in every nook and cranny on a nightly basis to take in some of the best sunsets and scenery this world has to offer. I have some amazing sunset pictures from Oia, but I'm saving the best for last. ;)  So stay tuned!

Hiking Ancient Thira

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We did quite a bit of hiking in Santorini, but this hike probably takes the cake! After driving through an insanely winding road all the way to the top where the parking lot is (I have some awesome videos that I will be uploading, including one of this road), we set out on our hike. First, we did the official Ancient Thira hike, which cost 3 Euros. This was a relatively easy hike and took us around an hour total. I think the pictures speak for themselves! It's surreal to think that people had lived their everyday lives here just as we do, but, with a whole lot less. One thing that they did have was a million dollar view however! Our next hike was back down to the parking lot, and around the side of the mountain to the Chapel, which overlooks Perissa Beach. This was probably a bit more challenging hike than through Ancient Thira, but relatively easy for us as well. If you're into rock climbing, and I mean real rock climbing, there's official wall routes that you can climb on this side, and they look insane! I'm sure you'd have to get a permit for doing the climb, so that is something you would have to look into prior to your visit. I would most certainly recommend the Ancient Thira and Chapel hike to anyone who loves outdoor adventures! It's a must do in Santorini! 

Santorini Boat Tour

Monday, July 13, 2015

I've been slacking real bad. It's been two months now since we've been to Santorini, and I have yet to post up a lot more of our pictures! But now I'm back at it again and I'm hoping the rest of my posts will be put up this week! 

For those who follow the news, you know that Greece has been dealing with quite a financial situation, but a deal seems to have been made now. Due to their financial crisis, tourism has sharply declined, which is a real shame considering how uniquely beautiful Greece is! I sincerely hope that Greece is able to get back on its feet, for the Greek people and travelers alike. It would be a real shame to not visit Greece in one's lifetime! 

 We had the most amazing stay in Santorini, and I would recommend Santorini to every traveler I ever meet! During one of our days on Santorini, we did a boat tour that included visiting the volcano, hot springs, and the island Thirasia. I wish I would have jotted down which tour we did specifically, and how much it was, but these are all details which I now realize I missed, that in my opinion are valuable tips I could have shared with you guys! But I'm learning as I go along with this blog that these are the kinds of things I need to remember in order to best share my experiences. 

Here's what I do remember. We got our boat ticket from our hotel, Avianto Suites, which offered tickets for several different tours from several companies. We chose the boat tour that suited us best, and we loved the experience! 

From the dock, we first went to the volcano. Once there, we hiked the volcano, which was not that difficult for either of us, but for those who aren't very active, might have been pretty difficult. The volcano was amazing! The views were breathtaking from each direction. You could feel the heat coming out of some of the rocks and smell the sulfur. It was definitely a pretty cool experience! Hike an active volcano is now checked off my bucket list! :) 

From the volcano, we visited the hot springs. The boat stopped about 20-30 feet away from the hot springs for those who wanted to swim out. We jumped off the boat into freeeeezing water, and swam to the hot springs, which we joked was actually a luke-warm hot spring. The water was just still cold at that point in time, and it doesn't help that I'm always cold to boot. We didn't take any pictures there because we were swimming up until it was time to leave. 

Our final stop was the island Thirasia, on which about 300 farmers and fishermen live. It's another beauty! Besides the 300 or so farmers and fishermen who live there, this island doesn't have any tourists I don't think, besides the ones who visit during the boat tours. A few restaurants line the coastline, but we decided to do the 300 step hike up to the top. It was tough! The steps are especially long, so it's not just literally 300 small steps, and steep. But it was worth it! Once at the top, we stopped to eat at Panorama Restaurant, a small restaurant owned by a friendly local Greek family. The food was delicious, home-made, and the owner made us a free yogurt dessert at the end, which was quite possibly the very best yogurt I've ever had! 

If you're going to be in Santorini, do not miss out on visiting the volcano and Thirasia! The hot spring was cool to see, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a must do, as I would for the volcano and Thirasia. 

I hope you guys are able to travel to Santorini and that you check out the volcano and Thirasia when you're there! Incredible experiences await you in Greece! 

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