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Friday, February 13, 2015

I was a 20 year old braceface going into my junior year of college. It was the summer of 2009. My former dorm roommate wanted to go out to a club and so we decided on a place near my house for those 18 and over, called Emerald, which sadly no longer exists. We were dancing in the middle of the dance floor when I saw him. I drew my friends attention to him and she commented, regarding him and the other guy he was with, his brother, which I didn't know at the time, "They look like prep school boys." He was dressed in his staple outfit, jeans and a button-down. He never noticed me, but like a creep, my gaze followed him the rest of the night. I thought he looked like Matt Saracen, the character from the show Friday Night Lights, also my TV crush at the time.

When I got home that same night, I posted on my friends Facebook about him. Here's the actual post I wrote on her Facebook:

The following night I made plans with the same friend except that I thought we would be hanging out at her cousins place. When I arrived, dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, with no makeup and my hair tied, and they told me they wanted to go out, I was adamant about not going. I obviously wasn't feeling prepared to go out in my state of being, but I also didn't want to go to the place they were suggesting, a once upon a time popular European club, White Star. But at that point I had no choice. My friend lent me some of her clothes to wear, and we were on our way.

We arrived there with about a hour left before closing, and as we were making our way to the bar... for some water...I saw him. The same guy I had seen the night before. My jaw dropped. He was standing there in the corner sipping on his drink, and he just looked at me, probably weirded out by the girl staring at him with a stunned expression. I couldn't believe it. We returned to the dance floor, and he was now intrigued and looking at me, but wasn't coming up to ask me to dance. So my friend bet me $10 to go ask him to dance.

What did I have to lose? At the very least I'd make $10 out of it. He was standing behind me at this point, so I turned around, and it all felt like it was slow motion for me, and asked him to dance. He said yes! Success. He was polite, and unlike most drunkards at clubs, didn't try dry humping me. I liked him right then and there.

And here we are several years later. I'm not the kind of person who believes that things are "meant to be," but the universe did something magical to lead me to you. Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

I love you,


Paris Part Deux

Day 2.

My eyes suddenly open. I've jerked myself awake, for no reason. It's 5am. I use the bathroom and return back to bed. I lay for an hour. It's 6 am. I keep laying. It's 7 am. I finally nudge Dominik and tell him I can't sleep. He grunts, "Just close your eyes," as if that works when you can't sleep. I get out of bed and start getting ready in hopes that the noise will wake him up. We're out the door by 8am. I knew I'd be dead tired and a nap would be in order later.

Today, we decide we want to see the Louvre Museum. After breakfast, which is included at the hotel, we rush down to the Metro. We're confused for probably a good 30 minutes before we finally figure out where we're going (it was a confusing set up at the Metro entrance we initially went into). After taking 3, or maybe it was 4 trains, I'll have to confirm with Dominik, we arrive near the Louvre.

The line to get inside is INSANE, looping through to another building, probably a 3 hour wait. While the cold winter wind slaps us around, we argue whether we should wait in line or come back. But if we decide to come back, the line will probably be just as long.

However, the line for people with tickets already purchased is literally empty, you can basically enter immediately. We look up how to buy tickets online, and you have to pick them up somewhere at that point if you purchase them online, which would take even longer. They should really convert to digital tickets that you can present via the phone. Somehow, Dominik finds someones post online that you can buy tickets inside Le Carrousel de Louvre. We decide to check it out, and sure enough there are two lines, one to buy tickets, probably an hour long wait, and the other to get inside, just as insanely long of a wait as the outdoor one.

In hindsight, we should have gotten the tickets set long before we ever arrived in Paris. We were both assuming that because it was winter that there would be teeny lines. Wrong. We were so wrong. We stand in the hour long line to buy the tickets and then debate whether we should go inside now or another day. By this point in time, it was already well into the afternoon and the Louvre closes by 6pm. We decide that we will come back bright and early the following day.

Instead, we truck on ahead and visit the Galeries Lafayette. It's absolutely beautiful inside. Words nor pictures can do it justice. It's a shopper's dream. Every designer you can imagine is there. There were hundreds of people, a few too many for my tastes, so we quickly run through all the floors. We decided to go all the way to the top, without actually knowing that you could go outside on  top of the building. We were delightfully surprised. You could see a view of the entire city with the Eiffel tower in the background. It was perfect. We spend some time up on top of the building absorbing all the views and taking as many pictures as we can.

The rest of the daylight hours we spend walking around the streets with all the top notch designer boutiques and have a late lunch. When it gets dark we return to the Metro and head back to our area. It sounds like we did surprisingly little, but everything takes so much longer than you expect.

That night, since it was a Saturday, we decided we would go out. After doing some research online beforehand, we found a place we thought we'd like called Chez Raspoutine. We primarily picked this place because it was a sure thing that it would play house music. Although, I'm sure the whole of Europe is in on the house music act, and has been for some time now, as compared to America.

I'll quickly sidetrack here to say that most of America, except the major cities like New York City, or Miami, or Las Vegas, has really crappy choice of music at night clubs. No, I don't want to listen to the Top 20 that every major radio station plays like the current club scene jam Tuesday, a fine song, but just not what I'm looking to dance to at the club, and I don't want to listen to music back from 2000 like Nelly, and I don't want to sing along one more time to Don't Stop Believing by Journey. It's a great song, but if I have to listen to that song one more time at 2am closing time, my brain will explode.

And after going out to a majority of places in Ann Arbor, I am SO DISAPPOINTED by the club scene. I'm surprised that at a major college town, the music scene is like 10 years behind. Get with the times.

Phew. Glad I got that out. The music at Raspoutine, however, was awesome. We stayed till around 4am and returned to our hotel thoroughly exhausted. Another epic day had come to an end. We needed to get some good rest for the remainder of our adventure. Till next time.

Pain and Chocolat in Paris

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hey everyone!!!

It's been far too long, hasn't it??? More than a month has passed by since I have last blogged and it's just too long for my liking. It feels so good to be back writing- my fingers have been itching to write again! So what I have done during this past month? Well, for one, as many of my followers on Instagram and friends on Facebook know, I went with Dominik to Paris! And after having a month to let it all soak in, the sights, the smells, the food, it still feels like a dream that I dreamed.  After every trip I come back from, I feel like it was this wonderful dream that I had, but have woken up from back to reality. If only I could be dreaming endlessly!

Paris was a dream. The first day we arrived, we were buzzing with excitement and curiosity that we walked till our feet couldn't carry us anymore. The pictures I've included are all from our first day. Although I took a few more photos than this during the first day, these are my favorite ones. Neither Dominik or I have ever been picture people, so when I decided to start this blog, I had to keep reminding myself to take pictures rather than put everything away into memory like we usually do. And we're always so excited to be in a new place that we're practically sprinting from one spot to another, that stopping to take pictures becomes more of a hassle than anything. Unlike many bloggers out there, who travel to the same destinations several times a year, we usually only get our one trip to  a new place (there's so many more destinations out there in the world that we want to see, that we don't want to go to the same places, at least not for a while), so during this time we want to see as much as possible in the short periods of time we're there, which also makes it difficult to photograph everything accordingly.

We still got some amazing pictures that we could look back on and reminisce. This was my first time using my sister's DSLR camera, which she briefly gave me a tutorial on before we left, but I was having a few issues trying to take photos with it nonetheless. The last photo of the blurred Eiffel tower that I took turned out so because for the life of me I couldn't focus the camera no matter how hard I tried! But, I actually like the photo as is so maybe it's a good thing I couldn't focus!

So what did we do on our first day? After arriving to our hotel, Hotel Novotel, our first stop was the Eiffel Tower, which was a 5 minute walk along the Seine River from our hotel. As we rounded the corner and walked towards the Eiffel Tower, the Paris trademark, the image your mind conjures up at the mention of Paris, I just couldn't believe that we were actually there! There were hordes of tourists waiting in lines to go up the Eiffel, people taking pictures from every angle and direction possible,  guys selling little Eiffel statues and keychains wherever you looked-it was exhilarating!

After 8+ hours of traveling, getting settled into our hotel, and wandering along the streets surrounding the Eiffel tower, we were ravenous, and stopped at one of the first places we could find, a small restaurant right around the corner from the Eiffel. Here we tried snails and frog legs for the very first time! I enjoyed both dishes, but I really liked the frog legs. I'm not great at describing the taste of foods or drinks, so I'm not trying to sound like a repeated record when describing meat, but the frog legs really did taste kind of like chicken.

The remainder of the day we spent walking around exploring, and ended our evening with a walk along the beautifully lit Seine River. We had dinner at another small restaurant outside in the heated patio area while it rained and we watched the Parisians stroll by. It was a perfect day.

And so were the rest.

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