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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

J. Crew Coat | Revolve Top | Banana Republic Jeans | Nordstrom Necklace

I'm sure by now you guys know about my love of the great outdoors. These were taken on an insanely beautiful fall day at Stony Creek Metropark, where we spend a lot of our summer weekends hiking, kayaking, and a few times paddleboarding. So far we've had a pretty awesome fall here in Michigan this year. It's been beautiful. I'm just going to try to soak up these last few moments of warm weather before the snow is supposed to hit us this weekend! Enjoy it everyone! 

Kylie Jenner Style Cold Water Diving

Picture #7. 

The first weekend of October was also the last weekend of the diving season in Tobermory, Canada. Tobermory has some awesome shipwreck diving, and we had gone during the summer and snorkeled there, as you can see from my previous post! But we wanted to go back there and do some diving also since there are a lot of great dives for beginners like us. 

We drove up to Tobermory Saturday morning, which takes about five hours from Detroit. We spent the rest of our time on Saturday hiking some trails at Bruce Peninsula Park, eating fish and chips, and drinking the local Tobermory brews. 

Sunday morning we got up early and went for another hike in the trails near our hotel before we were off to our dives. We actually weren't sure that we would be able to dive because Saturday we got a voicemail from the dive-shop that the lake was pretty tumultuous, making it likely that the dive may be cancelled. Thankfully, it wasn't! 

We got to the dive shop and started getting geared up. As you know, scuba diving is already an equipment extensive sport, but then add on to that the additional layers for cold water diving(this water was around 40-50degrees Fahrenheit, cold!!!) and you're just drowning in equipment! It's my least favorite part, all the equipment, and the fact that I always have to pee the second we start diving. 

We also had another diving buddy with us that day, an advanced open water diver, Doug, so I felt that much more comfortable diving after a year of not having done it. But while on the boat getting geared up, I shouted to Dominik to come and help me with putting on some of my equipment, and he left his tank standing upright, unattended. A big diving no-no. The tank fell as the boat was moving, but we checked it and thought nothing of it. 

Our first dive was at the W.L. Wetmore, the same shipwreck we had snorkeled at. About ten minutes into the dive, I'm floating around taking pictures, and I see Dominik waving to me. I start taking pictures of him, and I took several actually, not realizing that his tank is leaking air (please refer to picture number #7). He signals me to go up and we both ascend. Thankfully we were in no more than 30 feet of water so the ascent happened quickly. There was a tear on his regulator, which was likely the result of the tank falling on top of it. This was our first diving emergency we ever encountered, and luckily we were in shallow water and near our boat. We screamed at eachother trying to figure out what was going on until I finally turned off his air supply completely. Luckily Dominik has a lot of his own equipment, and we happened to have another air hose that we could replace the torn one with. We happily continued diving. 

The other shipwreck we dove was Sweepstakes, but by this time, I was starting to get chilled. We spent about 30 minutes diving here before we left, and I didn't get many good pictures here. I may share them at some point, but they just weren't that great so I didn't want to waste space. I also got some cool pictures of our diving buddy Doug at the Wetmore. Doug had never been photographed underwater during scuba diving, so I was happy to practice my underwater photography skills on him! I got his permission to share the pictures on my blog, and I think I got some great shots of him! 

Overall, it was another weekend well spent. We definitely plan on going back to do some more shipwreck diving.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Saturday, October 3, 2015

These are the beautiful views from Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario, Canada. We spent a weekend there this summer doing some hiking and shipwreck snorkeling. And we're going back, today! Except this time, we will be doing shipwreck diving! As an apprehensive diver, I like to check things out snorkeling the first time before we make our dives. The water was very clear and still the day we snorkeled, and I became much more comfortable with the environment. The only con was that the water was very chilly, we had to wear 14mm wetsuits, and I'm taking a wild guess here and saying it won't be any warmer this time around XD. But we're doing some dives around ~30 feet, my comfort level, so the thermocline shouldn't be too intense. I'll surely have some more pictures to share with you guys from that dive! And yes, we're the two dweebs who always wear our masks too tight and have lines on our faces for the next two hours, lol! Till next time! 

Santorini Randoms

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hey guys! These are some of the pictures I took around Santorini that I love, but didn't include in my other posts for whatever reasons. They're pretty much from all around the island, I hope you guys like them! 

Greek Food

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tzatziki sauce, seafood, and beers. The food, and drinks, that every one of our meals in Greece consisted of. I became somewhat obsessed with tzatziki sauce. I had to have it at every meal. It's probably one of my all-time favorite dishes, ever. And it can't be done better than it is in Greece itself. Overall, the meals, and beers, Mythos and the Yellow Donkey stand out, we had in Greece were amazing. 

Well, except for two meals. The first night we arrived, Dominik ordered grilled squid at this restaurant in Imerovigli called Mezzo. It was literally like eating rubber. There was no taste to it, it was just rubber. It's the only seafood that I've ever tried and not liked. I read this article that says that squid is tricky to make because of its high water content, and when not cooked properly, it tastes like rubber, which was exactly what we experienced. I ordered seafood spaghetti and mine was somewhat better. Overall, Mezzo had decent appetizers and my main dish was okay, but I wouldn't recommend it as a place to visit for the food. The staff was nice and the views were amazing, but the food itself wasn't noteworthy. 

Our second non-amazing food experience we had was at Navy's (pictures 4 and 5) on Kamari Beach. The tzatziki sauce, calamari, and seafood spaghetti were good. We also ordered a tuna pizza, which I didn't include a picture of, and we think that that's the dish that was the culprit. Let's just say we were running to the bathroom afterwards lol. Once again the views and staff were amazing, the other food was good, I would just shy away from the tuna pizza. Maybe it was just that particular batch and their tuna pizza is usually amazing, who knows. 

A restaurant we both loved was Dimello's, which for the life of me I can't find a link for. I know for a fact that it's the correct name and spelling because I even have a picture of the sign on the building. Or maybe that was just the cafe next to the restaurant, in which case I suck. But if it is in fact Dimello, for the appetizers, we had the trilogy of fava beans, grilled eggplant, and tzatziki, and the pizzetes, soooooo delicious, and for the main dish I had the traditional moussaka while Dominik had the bass fillet. I think it was this restaurant that also gave us a free desert wine at the end, which we loved! I think that had been one of my favorite meals. If only I could get the name of the place right! 
We basically just picked restaurants at random and tried them out, and luckily, majority of them were great. Let me know if you guys have any other specific restaurant suggestions, whether good or bad! Well now I feel like having some tzatziki. I think I'll finally try to make it myself, I'll let you guys know if it turned out well! Till next time! 

About Oia: Part 3

For those seeking some magic in their lives, I recommend Oia, Santorini. Magical. The one word I'd use to describe Oia sunsets. Sunsets are beautiful all around the world, but in Oia, the sunset, combined with the ocean, the island backdrop, the white houses dangling off of cliffs, its just magical. I can't wait to visit more of the Greek islands and discover what magic they have in store! 

About Oia: Part 2

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bless Dominik for trying, but photography isn't his thing. Well, let me retract that. He's taken some amazing shots on his travels, like these from Croatia, and these during SCUBA diving,  but when it comes to taking pictures of people instead of scenery or SCUBA pictures, he gets very annoyed.  He hates it when I ask him to take pictures. Once, he literally said to me, "You have 5 tries," and then he started counting off, "one...two...three" as he clicked the button. XD. Now when we take into account a DSLR camera instead of a point-and-shoot, or the iPhone, it gets even tougher. It's hard for me to even focus perfectly on a DSLR, but I don't think Dominik even glances at the screen. He's like, "Okay, go" and he pushes the button. But bless his heart, he tries. 

So with that being said, if the pictures of me, or him, look blurry, it's because they are! lol. But it's the scenery shots that are far more important anyways- I only included the few ones of us we took as evidence that we were there. :P Here are some of the amazing night time shots we got in Oia!

 I know I have yet to talk about any of the restaurants we ate at, so I will definitely include a post on some of the food we ate, including the restaurants in Oia! We didn't take many pictures of the food in Oia because we only ate late dinners there, and as you know, food looks its best in natural light, so I didn't want to spoil the image of the food because of the pictures! But I'll make a list of the places we tried and include some of the lunch pictures! Till then! 

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