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Bon Bini na Bonaire

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I've finally decided to put up a few photos from my Spring Break 2014 trip to the Dutch Caribbean island Bonaire, also known as "diver's paradise." We dove at least once per day, and after our dives would eat lunch, explore other parts of the island, and finally finish the day with a snorkel. It was during a snorkeling trip, rather than diving, that I saw a turtle! Whether you scuba dive or not, Bonaire has so many other activities for any adventure seeker!

  • Picture 1: View from the Jibe City hang-out bar that's always playing awesome house and chill music. This is also where you can windsurf, which we tried! We weren't very good. 
  • Picture 2: Jibe City ashtrays. Europeans tend to be heavy smokers.
  • Picture 3: This is an orphaned cutie at the Donkey Sanctuary. Bonaire is dealing with an overpopulation of donkeys. They've created the Donkey Sanctuary where they keep the female donkeys, while the male donkeys roam in the wild. Apparently some locals thought that they would get paid if they caught a baby female donkey from the wild to turn in to the Donkey Sanctuary, which isn't the case. She was the sweetest donkey there. 
  • Picture 4: After seeing the baby donkeys, we drove through the rest of the sanctuary, which probably had hundreds upon hundreds of donkeys. We were feeding them cold carrots, which they absolutely loved! They got pretty crazy over the carrots haha. 
  • Picture 5: This is the view from our hotel. We dove off of the platform to the right of the picture to go diving at the Bari Reef  almost daily. Our hotel was amazing; it provides all the necessary diving equipment and it is right next to the beautiful Bari Reef, which has the most diverse species of fish from all the other reefs on Bonaire!
  • Picture 6: One of the days we devoted to hiking up Brandaris Hill, the highest point in Bonaire, at the Washington Slagbaii National park. The views were breathtaking! 
  • Picture 7: A blown over tree we saw on our hike. 
  • Picture 8: We also visited the slave huts near Salt Lake. 

Btw, "bon bini" means "welcome"! I hope we'll be welcomed by Bonaire once again in our future travels!

Beach Bummin'

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

 Express jeans, old [similar here] | Striped shirt, old [similar here

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Thank goodness dreadful Monday is over! After work today, I decided to relax at the lake near our house with my sister.  I decided to wear yet another one of my many, many striped shirts. I've started a collection of striped shirts. Every time I see another one, I want it; I don't know what it is about stripes that I love so much! A striped shirt paired with jeans is my ultimate daily outfit. You can easily dress the look down with some boat shoes, or dress it up with a pair of wedges or sandals, and it works for almost every place you go, whether it be the beach, store, or even a drink at the bar. I like pretty simple and basic outfits, and this one does the trick. One of my fashion icons is Jennifer Aniston because of her simplicity. I know a lot of people think she's "boring" when it comes to style, but I love almost everything she ever wears. Not to mention she's smokin' hot, so that helps make everything look better haha. She's awesome. Do you have a style icon?

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