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Christmas Memories

Friday, December 19, 2014

H&M Dress | H&M Blazer (similar here and here

Happy weekend everyone! 

I can't believe another Christmas and New Years is just around the corner! Every year seems to pass by quicker than the last- if only we could slow down time! Has everyone completed their Christmas shopping? I've bought a few presents for those closest to me, but I can't say what till they get them! Of course I don't buy anything extravagant, but I do try to be thoughtful. But ultimately, the presents that I hold nearest and dearest to my heart are experiences. Whether it be trying out a new restaurant with my best friend, going to a concert with my sister, or traveling someplace new with my love, it's the memories we create that I cherish most. This Christmas will be one of many new wonderful memories that I can't wait to share with you all! I hope you all have a cheerful Christmas and New Years full of love, laughter, and happiness. 

The Little Black Sweatshirt

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Forever 21 Jacket | Banana Republic Sweatshirt | Anthropologie Buttondown
Banana Republic Pant | H&M Boots 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

As you can see, this shoot was done at an outdoor mall, and it couldn't have been more perfect because it was early in the afternoon on Thanksgiving and not a single soul besides us was there! My sister and I went and watched Mockingjay at the theater that's at the mall and then did the shoot.  I've heard people complaining about the movie, including some students I overheard at work. They were grumbling about how the movie wasn't "action-packed" enough for them. For those who've read the books, the final book is action-packed enough to make up for any "non-action" in this movie. I personally enjoyed the movie, and left the theater longing for the next part to be out already! 

I wore this black and white outfit, as is typical for me, but you can never, ever, go wrong with black and white. So just the other day I was reading about some style blogger and the article was praising how she mixes high-end and low-end pieces in her outfits, and the "low-end" piece they were referring to was a pair of pants from Banana Republic. I was amused by this because for me, my "high-end" pieces are from Banana Republic. When it comes to clothes, I believe that there are quality clothes out there and that of course, you will pay a higher price for them. However, there's a limit to their quality and therefore a limit to the price of this quality.

The differences I do see between lower-end and higher-end merchandise, besides the quality, which has its limit, is unique designs. "Higher-end" merchandise typically has many more unique prints, patterns, textures, shapes, colors, proportions, etc. I guess that besides quality, you are paying for this unique look, which has its price. 

One of the talents I wish I had is fashion design. I haven't watched Project Runway religiously, but when I did watch it I was so impressed by how the contestants came up with their own designs and were able to make the clothes from scratch. I've never even made a pair of socks from scratch. It's truly a talent. Maybe that's something I'll try to do when I get some more free time, knit my first pair of socks. Have you guys ever designed any clothes or made them from scratch? Let me know, I'd love to learn! Till next time. 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Calvin Klein Coat | Banana Republic Dress | H&M Boots 

Ah, it has begun, winter. This means that there will be many more months of winter coats and boots coming up! As far as this Calvin Klein coat goes, I actually ended up returning it. While the "turn-key" detail is really cute when the coat is closed up, it just looks awkward when the coat is open, and of course you don't always want your coat to be zipped up. I got another coat that is very similar but has regular buttons instead, and it will be featured on the blog soon! 

The day we shot this was actually one of the warmer days despite all the snow around, which is why I was able to tolerate wearing a dress! I love the look of fresh snowfall, before it all turns into mush, contrasted to the green winter trees. The only issue was that the trails were frozen over and me and my sister were tip-toeing around trying not to fall! Michigan winters will undoubtedly be a challenge for us, but my sister has just learned how to do continuous shots, which will make everything so much easier! 

Anyway, I'm home for the weekend as it was Thanksgiving break-happy belated Turkey day!- and we hope to get a few more shoots in before I leave back for school. Stay tuned! 


Monday, November 17, 2014

I finally got my hands on Dominik's GoPro so that I could share some of the pictures we got on it from Bonaire! If you guys have been following my blog, I've shared a post from our trip to Bonaire previously, and wrote about many of the activities we did on the island. One of the activities that I forgot to mention that we did was cave exploring! We did a guided cave tour through Flow Bonaire, and explored two different cave systems with a wonderful tour guide! We didn't get too many good photos inside the caves since it was pitch black and we were using flashlights to see, but I've included the one picture Dominik got while I was descending down into the first cave.

At first, I was super nervous about descending into a deep, dark cave because I am somewhat claustrophobic, but once we got inside, my nervousness turned into excitement! I am passionate about conquering my fears, whether it's learning to scuba dive despite my fears of open water, exploring deep enclosed spaces, or simply public speaking. (I've taken a speech class as a requirement, and am currently a TA for it because I wanted to continue practicing my public speaking skills.) There is such a sense of accomplishment once you do something you were deeply afraid of doing, and I live for that feeling! While I don't have any other things I really fear, I plan on continuing doing activities such as scuba diving and cave exploring until my fears completely vanish.

What about you guys, what fears have you overcome? Just go out there and do it! If you're an adventurer at heart, there is no room for fear. Anyone can achieve anything once they push aside their fears, and I hope you guys are motivated to conquer yours! Till next time!

Nickels Arcade

Monday, November 10, 2014

DKNY Trench, old (similar here and here) | Banana Republic Soft-Wash Shirt, old (similar here and here), Adelia Pumps | Old Navy Pants
Hello again!

I hope you guys are well rested and ready to conquer another week! Here we are at Nickels Arcade, a quaint, historic corridor that houses a variety of small shops- another one of my favorite spots in Ann Arbor. We got there early on Saturday, around 10:00 am, because I work Saturdays and my sister has class. But besides that I was hoping that at that time there wouldn't be a ton people. Boy was I wrong. It was the fastest shoot we've done to date!

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge picture person. I love taking photos of scenery when I'm outdoors or traveling, but I tend to shy away from cameras when they're on me. Doing this blog has helped me become much more comfortable with getting photographed, although I still feel uncomfortable getting my pictures taken with a ton of people watching, which is why most of the places I choose to go to are pretty private. But I'm running out of ideas, where do I go next?!?!

As for what I'm wearing, I have on one of my favorite pants from Old Navy, which are not only super affordable, but they are also extremely comfortable and fit great! I only wish I had more places to get dressed up for since I'm either at school in scrubs or at work wearing one of the ugliest work shirts mankind has ever seen. Seriously. But alas, I'll have another chance to get all dolled up this upcoming weekend for another blog post. Usually I have an idea of where we'll go and what we'll do, but for this weekend I really have no idea, so stay tuned to see!

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week, and I'll see you next week!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Forever 21 Quilted Jacket, Turtleneck Sweater | Guess Curvy Sophia-Skinny Jeans, old (similar here and here), H&M Boots 


Boy, am I happy that it's the end of another busy school/work week, but the work never stops for me and my sister. This weekend we are once again "working" on the blog- I wouldn't call it work when you actually enjoy and are excited about doing a project though. While we're both new to photography and blogging, I am so excited whenever we set out on the weekends to do photos. With each shoot we do, we are striving to improve our skills and put out quality content, which is why it makes my heart smile whenever we get complimented by anyone on the work that we do!

For this shoot, we went to the law quad, one of my favorite buildings/places at Michigan. It was a bitterly cold day, around 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and we both froze our booties off for the hour we were outside! It is going to get increasingly more difficult to do shoots outside as the icy winter months approach, but we will take it as a challenge to get more creative with what we do.

For this shoot, my sister was able to capture some beautiful moments with the shadows, hence the title of the blog, Shadows. What I love about photography is showcasing the beauty of the setting, and my sister is great at doing that wherever we go! I eventually want to buy my own DSLR camera so that I too can get behind the lens and start practicing my photography skills. There's so much to learn and I'm eager to do more!

There's nowhere to go but up from here! I'm so excited for what the future holds for us, and we will keep on working until we achieve our goals. There's no better feeling in the world than when you attain what you've been working hard for. I hope that you guys also have a passion and are working hard to make it happen. I truly believe that anything is possible with hard work and dedication, so off I go to make my dreams come true!

Belle Isle Bridesmaid

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

This past weekend, for the very first time in my life I got to be a bridesmaid. I was a bridesmaid for a longtime friend of mine who I've known for 14 years! She looked absolutely beautiful and she and her now husband seemed completely and utterly in love with each other.  The wedding ceremony was particularly special for me because it was the first traditional Bosnian wedding that I took part in.

For her photos, we went to Belle Isle, a cute little island located in the Detroit River between Detroit and Windsor. These are not any of her photos. For these photos, I went back on Sunday with my sister to shoot at the exact same location. While I've had this gown since September, I wanted to wait to take photos of it until after I wore it to her wedding. This dress is by Adrianna Papell, a designer whose dresses I absolutely love! I'm actually going to wear another Adrianna Papell dress for a wedding in which I'm the maid of honor, and it too is beautiful! I don't get many occasions to wear floor-length ball gowns, so when I tried on these dresses I felt super fancy! Hopefully, there will be many more occasions that I can wear this beautiful dress to.

Although everything passed by way too quickly this weekend, the photos we took will help keep the memories close to my heart.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The last and only time I was ever in Croatia was when I was a baby before the war in Bosnia. The only reason I even know that I've ever been there is because my mom told me that we went once for vacation. I think most Eastern Europeans go to Croatia for their vacations, and I don't blame them, it's stunning!

With that being said, these are actually Dominik's photos from his travels to Croatia in the summer of 2012. I asked him to be a co-contributor to my blog since he travels a lot (without me haha), but since he dislikes writing, we settled on the agreement that I could share his inspiring photos with you guys instead. I want to spread the beauty from around the world, even if I have yet to see it with my own eyes! I've picked my favorite photos he took in Croatia to show you! I'd like to give a huge thank you to Dominik for allowing me to share his photography with the world. There's so much beauty he's seen that I want everyone to get to experience too. Thank you!

I also have other beautiful photos he took from his travels that I can't wait to share with you! But in the meantime, I hope you guys can take in the natural beauty that is Croatia!

P.S. If you have any questions about traveling to Croatia, just ask in the comment section, and I'll make sure to relate them back to Dominik and get back to you :)

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