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Third Time's the Charm: Miami Edition

Sunday, June 26, 2016

After my third weekend trip to Miami, I can finally say I get Miami, a little bit that is. Weekend trips usually go by way too fast since you're running around trying to do as much as possible, that you don't really pick up the feel of the destination wholly. But after this trip, the third time's the charm. I could now comfortably get around South Beach without having to rely on GPS on my phone to get to every place, and, I get the Miami vibe. 

We chose our particular weekend because it was Miami Music Week 2016, and we wanted to see some of our favorite DJ's in a beach setting as opposed to the bitter winter. I actually didn't get to see one of my favorite deep house DJ's, Oliver Heldens, but all is well, since I'd already seen him 3 other times! But we did see Klingande at the Delano Hotel, and he killed it! We had planned the trip to be comprised of pool parties, clubs, pool parties, clubs, and some more pool parties and clubs, but after two days of pool parties and clubs, I was pool partied and clubbed out. I'm more of a stay at home person regularly, and my feet and back were killing me. 

Instead, we decided that we would spend our third full day at Universal Orlando. I was a bit skeptical about going because I thought that it would be too childish, but boy, oh boy, was it a blast!!! We knew we were going to spend most of our day exploring everything Harry Potter, and O.M.G, it was amazing!!! The amount of thought and work that went into building this magical land was outstanding. We got about 8 hours in the park, went on all the Harry Potter rides, and all the other major ones as well. We watched the Mardi Gras like parade near closing time, and that was a blast! We ended up leaving Universal around midnight, completely and utterly exhausted, but with wide grins on our faces. 

I don't know when my next trip to Miami will be, as I don't have any plans on returning anytime soon, but I feel pretty content with what I've seen of Miami after this third time around. I've hit up pretty much all the major Florida areas, Miami, Universal Orlando, and Key West a few years ago, so for the time being, I plan on putting my resources to other destinations. 

It was a grand ol' time, so till next time, Miami! 

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