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Animals of Santorini: The Donkeys

Monday, June 22, 2015

Going to Santorini I had the intention of getting that amazing portrait of an old Greek grandma or grandpa, smiling widely, toothlessly, or drying the laundry outside, or just slowly walking over to the neighbors house for some Greek coffee. I had several amazing opportunities, but was too shy to ask. So instead, I decided that the next best thing would be portraits of animals! There are sooo many dogs in Santorini, particularly in Oia, just out and about, without owners. So I started taking the dog's portraits whenever we went to Oia, knowing that I'd want to post about the dogs on my blog. 

But, I'm digressing, we're here to talk about the donkeys! When we finally saw the donkeys, I knew that I wanted to make a post about them too! When you think of Santorini, one of the images that comes to mind is a donkey with a Greek grandpa overlooking the cliffs and ocean, right? Well, that's the case for me at least. However, the only place we actually saw donkeys in Santorini was on the trail down to the port in Fira. (Edit: We did also see donkeys on Thirasia). The day we went on our volcano tour, we were running late, and so instead of taking the lift because we thought it would take too long and we'd miss our boat, we ran down like crazies, and lo and behold, finally ran into the donkeys! These cuties just line the trail, patiently waiting to give people rides up and down. My favorite picture has to be the first one, because I also got the Greek grandpa in it! The donkeys are very sweet though, and very well-trained. We didn't ride them because I was personally against riding them considering we can walk just fine, but it certainly would be a cool experience I'm sure! So on your visit to Santorini, if you want to see the donkeys, go down the trail to the port in Fira. The hike back up from the port is a killer though,  (we also walked back up after our tour), so if you just can't go on, there's plenty of donkeys to help you out! 

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