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Monday, May 4, 2015

After our one night stay in Vieques, we moved onto the island Culebra, a two hour ferry from Fajardo. There were no ferries directly from Vieques to Culebra when we were there, and I'm not sure if that's changed, so we had to take the ferry back to Fajardo and then take another one to Culebra. We stayed in Culebra for three nights. Although we thoroughly enjoyed Culebra, we now wish that instead we would have stayed in Vieques another night because there was so much of the island we didn't get to see. On Culebra, we primarily spent our time on Flamenco Beach, truly one of the most beautiful beaches I've been to. If you hate throngs of tourists, Flamenco Beach is the place to go. There were only a few people there both days we spent there. It was like we were on our own private island in the middle of the beautiful Caribbean. The water was crystal clear, calm, and warm, the sand was soft, the sun was out everyday. Flamenco Beach left nothing to be desired, unless you're looking for crowded beaches and bars. There were a few huts that served food and beer. We spent our time on Culebra relaxing, lounging around the beach, eating, and sleeping. The only negative part I can remember was this never-ending cloud that just rolled in the same spot the entire day one of the days! It was so creepy. But otherwise, we had the perfect amount of relaxation in a stunning place. Do not miss out on this gem if you're in Puerto Rico, it is well worth the ferry trip!

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