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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

These pictures were taken two weeks ago during my spring break when there was still snow on the ground, and before my two weeks, and counting, of sickness kicked in. Two weeks of sore throat, fevers and chills, pounding headaches, muscle soreness, you name it, I got it. I'm finally starting to feel better, but the weather, however, isn't looking up.

Eight months of little to no sunshine and it's accompanying heat is so depressing. I love the outdoors, but when winter rears it's ugly head, I'm cooped up inside my tiny apartments four walls, with no end in sight it feels like! But spring is here, although it sure doesn't feel like it! I can't wait to run, hike, bike, kayak, swim, paddle board, scuba! I'm definitely happier in the summer months, far more active, and never sick!

It's been hard to take care of myself properly with school and work, which is one of the many reasons why I'm so looking forward to graduating! One of my goals is, and has been, to further improve upon my fitness. I've had the goal to run a marathon by the time I turned 25, but this summer I tore a ligament in my left foot while doing this fitness trail at a park, and it took two months before it healed, and only a month later for me to re-tear it. My foot is definitely feeling better by this point in time, but every once in a while I'll feel a slight tinge of pain. Although I haven't achieved my marathon goal, that doesn't mean that my road to fitness has stopped. I try to work out during the week at least a bit, but I'm nowhere near the point I want to be. There is still so much work to be done, and many more goals to be achieved, like doing 10 whole push-ups! Lol. I hope that after school is done, after I've passed all the tests that I have to take, and I've finally gotten my degree, that I can focus more on my health and fitness. A healthy lifestyle is never-ending!

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