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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In order to prepare for our trip, we watched several movies that take place in France. I watched Le Divorce on my own, and then Dominik and I watched Midnight in Paris and Chocolat together. In the opening sequence of Chocolat, we see this magical little town perched on top of a hill, and I ask him, "Is this a real town??" So we decide to google it and lo-and-behold, it IS a real town, called Flavigny. We look up on GoogleMaps how long it takes to get to Flavigny from Paris, and it's around a 3+ hour trip. We decide that it's just too far away for our quick stay and that we'll have to see it another time.

Flash forward to Sunday in Paris. Even though there's plenty we haven't done, we're itching to get out of the city. We decide we want to see Flavigny. That night we have the hotel call a car rental place and see how much a car would be for the entire day on Monday. They completely up charge us. So instead we decide that on Monday morning, we'll get a taxi to drop us off at the nearest car rental place and see how much it would cost then.

Monday morning we get to the car rental place. They have a car and it's a fair price. We take it. I'm so excited! We're on our way through the French hills, mountains, valleys, covered in light layers of snow. It all feels so magical. We listen to the radio and they play a lot of American music, but it's not censored at all. They play this French song, Fresh Prince, over and over, and we love it.

We get the directions mixed up a few times, and drive through small French farm towns, but finally arrive and see Flavigny on the horizon. I can't believe that we're actually there! High up in the mountains, perched on this hill, you see this small town, and it's just as romantic as you would think it is. On our way into the town, we see several priests who wave to us. We park in the guest parking place, and start our way around the town.

The town is silent, except for the few children who are out playing and sledding. We walk around in no direction in particular, and end up in the middle of the town, the highest point, where the church stands. Right beside the church is the house in which they filmed Chocolat. The town proudly displays a small sign that says next to the window they used in the movie, "Facade de la boutique du film Le Chocolat." I let the moment soak in. I love how movies can make you feel certain ways about places, and this movie made me fall in love with the town.

We're starving, and the only place we find that is open is this tiny restaurant in which a man and his wife work in. He tells us they're about to close, but then agrees that he can make us some crepes at the very least. I get a banana-Nutella crepe and it's the best crepe I've ever had in my life- maybe that's a prejudiced opinion since I already loved everything about Flavigny before I ever got there.

We spend perhaps two hours there, and start making our way back. We have to return the car by 8pm in order to not get charged for another day. After one last walk around Flavigny, since you can literally walk around the town in around 15 minutes or less, we get our one last glance and leave. On our drive back to Paris, we take a different route, and end up passing through this amazing town called Semur-en-AuxoisBut we don't have time to stop, so we just make our way through, completely enchanted by it.

There are so many of these small magical, enchanting towns, and I just wish we had time to see them all! If you're going to Paris, I would definitely recommend getting out of the city! You'll get to experience the French countryside which is absolutely beautiful. And although there isn't a shortage of small towns to visit, Flavigny is something straight out of the movies! :)


The Style Circus said...

Indeed, this place looks so magical and straight out of a movie!

Love, L


nadaschokolada said...

Thank you! :) it was such a treat to get to visit it, probably one of my favorite parts of our trip :)

Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful photos!

Have a great month :)


nadaschokolada said...

Thank you!

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