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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Forever 21 Sweater, Coat, Skirt, Bag, and Earrings (don't have online, similar here) | Banana Republic Pumps 

Happy middle of the week everyone!

It's been quite a while since I shopped at Forever 21. I've always felt that its clothes are targeted towards the younger crowd, but they actually have many pieces that are suited for the young twenty year olds. ;) My favorite piece is this plaid coat simply because I love the pattern, but it is fairly thin so I wouldn't recommend it if you want something that will actually keep you warm. As far as my least favorite item, I actually decided that I really don't like the purse! I really want a quilted bag, and I feel like the quilted look is pretty popular this season  (herehere, here, and here) , but this particular bag will be going back. They call it a "grey" color, but looking at it some more and from my pictures, it actually comes off more of a green shade, which I find really ugly. Other than my dislike of this current purse, Forever 21 is a great place to shop when you're a student on a tight budget. You can get some great pieces for a cheap price! If you're also a student, I bet you probably love Forever 21 too, right?


Dina Bobina said...

Love the second picture! <3

nadaschokolada said...

thank you!!!!!! <3

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