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Monday, October 6, 2014

H&M Jacket (they call it jacket, I say blazer. only have dark gray online), Denim Shirt, Pants, Burgundy Bag | Banana Republic Pumps

Happy another Monday! 

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't dress like this everyday, or every other day for that matter. I spend my days in scrubs, which is actually one of the perks of the job- wearing what are almost pajamas to work with hair tied back and minimal makeup. But in my ideal world, I'd be jet-setting across the globe in my most fashionable clothes on a weekly basis (what the top bloggers of the blogosphere do as their actual careers!). It's so beyond my wildest imagination to imagine what their lives are like traveling as often as they do. One of my favorite bloggers, Kayture, traveled for over a month straight from New York to Shanghai to New York to London to Milan to Paris (given it was for Fashion month, but nonetheless), a quick stop back to her native Switzerland, and finally now to California. This is my dream life- traveling non-stop with quick trips back home. But of course, what sort of career would allow for this? BLOGGING! Although I wholeheartedly realize it's exceedingly difficult to turn a blog into a career, it is possible after all, and that's what I'm after. This is just the beginning for me and I hope I can eventually, even if it takes some time, make it to that point. I hope I have your guys' support along the way! Stay tuned as I have much more to share! 

P.S. These Banana shoes feel amazing on even after walking around in for over a hour, and not to mention completely remind me of my dream Valentino pumps, that are also currently available in this beautiful fall-ready deep red


Dina Bobina said...

My favorite post! <3

Anonymous said...

these posts get me so hot

Floortje van Cooten said...

Great outfit! Love your Valentino look-like pumps!


nadaschokolada said...

thanks to you :) <3

nadaschokolada said...

thank you so much Floortje! They're even greater considering the price haha :)

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