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Belle Isle Bridesmaid

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

This past weekend, for the very first time in my life I got to be a bridesmaid. I was a bridesmaid for a longtime friend of mine who I've known for 14 years! She looked absolutely beautiful and she and her now husband seemed completely and utterly in love with each other.  The wedding ceremony was particularly special for me because it was the first traditional Bosnian wedding that I took part in.

For her photos, we went to Belle Isle, a cute little island located in the Detroit River between Detroit and Windsor. These are not any of her photos. For these photos, I went back on Sunday with my sister to shoot at the exact same location. While I've had this gown since September, I wanted to wait to take photos of it until after I wore it to her wedding. This dress is by Adrianna Papell, a designer whose dresses I absolutely love! I'm actually going to wear another Adrianna Papell dress for a wedding in which I'm the maid of honor, and it too is beautiful! I don't get many occasions to wear floor-length ball gowns, so when I tried on these dresses I felt super fancy! Hopefully, there will be many more occasions that I can wear this beautiful dress to.

Although everything passed by way too quickly this weekend, the photos we took will help keep the memories close to my heart.


Sejla Hodzic said...

Love it!!! You look beyond beautiful!! The dress is spectacular!! By the way, you remind me of Kate Middleton. :)

nadaschokolada said...

thank you thank you thank you sejla! haha i've totally gotten that before lol I love it, she's a classy lady so it's a great compliment :D

Maggie Mae said...

Oh wow, Nada, you look amazing! I'm so glad to finally see your beautiful dress that we've talked so much about! Anything by Adrianna Papell is awesome. She makes spectacular shoes, too! Belle Isle looks gorgeous; I would love to visit for an afternoon and go exploring. I'm happy that you got to go back to do a "second take" photo-shoot with your sister. :-)

nadaschokolada said...

Thank you my dear friend! I tried to find this dress online to link it but I couldn't find it even though I didn't buy it that long ago :( but I did see some shoes when I was looking :) We should def go and explore belle isle one weekend, I've only been those two times now and I didn't get to explore as much since I was in this floor-lenght dress haha so it would be awesome to go and walk around and explore!

nadaschokolada said...

I ended up finding it online, I looked over it because the main photo was of the gown in black, so after looking through again I realized that that was it :)

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