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Be Your Own Decorator

Be Your Own Decorator

Saturday, October 18, 2014

 Forever 21 Jacket, Sweater, Jeans (similar here) | H&M Booties 

If I had several lifetimes, I would have a different career for each one. One of those careers would be an interior designer. Although I have never actually designed any interiors, I am obsessed with beautiful homes. I am an avid fan of all things HGTV, but my favorite show has to be Property Brothers because of the design aspect. I am always in awe of how amazing Jonathan makes the home look, no matter how hopeless it may seem. I would love to have Jonathan do his magic on my very own home! If he could also supply the home that'd be even better! :P 

Anyway, here we are exploring downtown Ann Arbor once again. We stopped by one of my absolute favorite places in Ann Arbor, the Kaleidoscope book store. I love the look and feel of this place- I could literally spend hours upon hours discovering all the amazing books that are held there! I wouldn't be surprised if there's such a rare book or collectible that is worth thousands and the owner might not even know it! When I finally settle into one place, I plan on purchasing many books from this quaint little book shop! 

As for what I'm wearing, once again I went with Forever 21 for a simple, laid-back, casual Friday kind of look (it was Friday when we took the photos after-all). I purchased all the clothes in store this season, but it can be somewhat frustrating finding the exact piece online. For instance, the jacket that I'm wearing is literally the same jacket as they have online except that the online version doesn't have the buckle around the sleeves like mine does (mine was also a bit pricier, I'm guessing as a result). But otherwise, they are the exact same jackets. Maybe they decided to change the design of the jacket  after the fact and I got one of the older versions. 

Well, I've ranted on enough about things that are totally unrelated to each other - the way many of my conversations go as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I will be spending this weekend working and studying for two exams! Wish me luck! 

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