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Monday, September 29, 2014

H&M Jacket, Blouse, Hat, Necklace (don't have it online) | Urban Outfitters Jeans | Vince Camuto Cross-body (old, similar here and here) | Charlotte Russe Booties (old, similar here

(Un)Happy Monday! 

Yesterday I forced, and I mean forced, Dominik to come take pictures of me. Unlike my sister who wants to pursue photography, Dominik isn't interested in "this kind" of photography (pictures of me haha). When we were in Cape Cod and I wanted him to take the pictures, he said, "Ok, you get five pictures," and as he'd snap each picture he'd count, "one, two..." which made me very anxious! (of course he ended up taking more hehe). But despite his lack of interest, he was able to shoot some great pictures today-I keep trying to convince him to take up photography! Our photos today were next to the Amtrak station and since we were in the area, we decided to shop for some groceries in Kerrytown. We got some ham that comes from black pigs that was really delicious, and that I had never even heard of till today! I also wanted to make it to the Farmers Market, but it's not open on Saturdays. After all these years, I have yet to go to the Farmers Market in Kerrytown! My sister and I are planning to make a trip to shop and take photos there this upcoming weekend! Can it be the weekend already?? Hope this week passes by quickly, for all of us! Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Detroit Prep

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My sister and I decided to go to Detroit around an area where she works to take some pictures. I love the stark look of the beaten-down, graffitied alleyway. As gut wrenching as it is to have this city in ruins, I also think there is beauty in the dismantling buildings and destruction. There is this great TIME photo piece that shows amazing photos of Detroit's decline by two insanely talented photographers. I highly recommend checking it out. We were a little worried about being in the alleyway, but our only visitor happened to be a cat who prowled in and out of the buildings watching us take pictures. I plan on doing many more photo projects around Detroit because there are so many amazing locations!

As far as my outfit goes, I kept it pretty simple, as I usually do. I wore minimal jewelry with my only new item being the Swarovski Bella Mini Earrings. I am wearing a Banana Republic Marled Pullover, which I bought in store and feel like my color looks more grey than cocoon, and another pair of the insanely comfortable and flattering Sloan-Fit Slim Zip Pant in what looked to me like a dark gray, but now actually looks like navy in the pictures (the point being that I have no clue as to the colors and am apparently color blind).

Here's a tip about shopping at Banana from someone who obviously shops there often, considering my last few posts I was wearing, you guessed it, Banana. They almost ALWAYS have a sale going on. DO NOT get anything if they aren't currently running a sale, because believe you me, if you wait a few days, they will have that 30-40% off again. Only thing is that they usually have their newest arrivals and some other merchandise dubbed as "BR Picks," which means they're special items that the discounts don't apply to. Unfortunately, the shoes are almost always BR Picks so either you get them full price now, or you wait till the end of the season. I have my eyes on several of their shoes right now, but I'll have to keep myself at bay.

I'm off to do my tedious daily chores now, but I hope you guys have a great rest of the week, and remember, only two more days till the weekend!

Lobster for Lunch

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm wearing the Banana Republic Hem Pullover. I got it in a Large because it was one of the last left at the store and I loved the loose fit.  Although it was a bit long, I wore it tucked into my shorts and I loved the look. 

So here it is, the whole lobster I had for the very first time, and possibly for the very last. It was tough eating it whole because I could see it's little face there and I just kept on wondering how they cooked it. I'm against boiling lobsters alive because I know they feel pain. A friend of mine was telling me how her mom had once cooked a live lobster and it was kicking and screaming in the pot. I just hate to even think of it. 

But moving on to a lighter subject. I loved the nautical atmosphere of this restaurant, Captain Kidd, in Woods Hole. We decided to stop by here on our way to the airport on Monday and we loved the quaint feeling of the town. We didn't want to leave! It's always hard going back home after having a nice getaway, but we have many new places to look forward to in the future! My free time consists of planning new places to visit-I'm anxious to be on the road again! We're now planning on a weekend trip in October, and I can't wait to share where with you! 

Black on Black at the Cape

Monday, September 22, 2014

Black Banana Top | Banana Sloan-Fit Zip Pant | Banana pumps (old) similar here and here (the brown isn't my favorite, but the shoes themselves are almost identical) 

On our second day in Cape Cod, Sunday, we decided to drive to the hip town of Provincetown at the very tip of the island. This is probably the most lively town- it's especially fun for younger people looking to go out and have a good time- as compared to the other much quieter towns around the Cape. We primarily walked around the main street and soon after left, and I didn't take too many pictures there but for the two above of the charming houses and the one on the boardwalk to the beach (I posted several pictures to my Instagram that I took with my phone while there). We spent the remainder of the day on the bike trails back in Brewster. There was amazing scenery on the bike routes, but once again I only took pictures with my phone :(

That evening we wanted to dine out at the Brewster Fish House because we read that it had great food. The host just happened to be the same guy that worked at the bike rental place, which we later joked that he was probably the guy with every job at that town. Unfortunately, no one came over to greet us the entire half hour we stood by the entrance area where you wait to be greeted, so we got super annoyed and left. Maybe it was an extremely busy night for them, but the host passed by us multiple times and never even acknowledged us. While I can't judge the restaurant for it's food, I can say that I wouldn't return there again because of the disappointing treatment we received. 

We ended our final full day back at our cozy bed and breakfast (I will post the few pictures I have of it and write a review about our experience) watching some of our favorite crime TV shows. 

We still got to enjoy part of Monday in Cape Cod, where I ate a complete lobster for the first time, before flying back to Michigan. Those pictures will be up soon :) 

Cape Cod

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This past Labor Day weekend, Dominik and I visited Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I've been meaning to post up the pictures for some time now, but because my computer broke and I just got a new one, I'm finally able to update the blog! Going through the pictures has brought back all the wonderful memories we made in Cape Cod!

These pictures are from our first day there. The first town that we visited going into Cape Cod was Falmouth. We had breakfast at the Pickle Jar there, and we both agreed that we didn't like the food that much (which is why I didn't bother to post pictures). From Falmouth, we drove through the towns of Hyannis, Yarmouth, and ended up in Chatham, one of our favorite places! We visited the Chatham Pier Fish Market where we saw a handful of seals bopping in and out of the water while the crowd looked on. This was my very first time ever seeing seals, and I was amazed at how big they are! We ate fried clams from the Market while sitting on big rocks right next to the water, and at one point we saw a seal peeking its head out of the water and looking right at us! I thought that it maybe knew that we had food and would try to come up to us, which was a scary thought considering how huge they are, but it just sunk back into the water and wasn't to be seen again. After exploring further around Chatham, we finally drove to our cozy bed and breakfast in Brewster. We ended the day at the beach in Brewster watching the sunset. It was an amazing day spent exploring from dawn to dusk- my favorite kind of day!

There are many more beautiful pictures we took that I can't wait to share with you, but for now I'm off to bed after a very long day!

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